Bulletproof helps people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

What I did

-E-commerce Site complete redesign with mobile-first mindset.

-Provide feedback, work with Brand team and external agency to build the brand book

-Brief and work cross-team with Creative, Brand, Development, Content, Senior Leadership Team

-Set up prototyping tools, recruit user researchers, analyze data, make prototypes and run qualitative/quantitative tests

-Introduce the design process with customer first approach

-Execute wireframes, visual designs, illustrations, iconography, pattern library.

-Present the design to many key stakeholders include VPs and COO.

The Design Process



The design journey started with the Discovery phase where we collect data from qualitative, quantitative, surveys, best practices. Based on data, we pick up patterns and identify problems.




We build quick prototypes, run usability tests, explore content and interaction designs and launch the product as soon as possible.




Post-launch, we continue to collect customer feedback and repeat the process.

-> We use this process with an open mind stay agile as much as possible.

Bulletproof WFS.jpg

From customer feedback, the data shows that the customer cares tremendously about the content. There are few people that mentioned how things look but more often ask about the meaning in the pictures and copy. The biggest challenge of working at Bulletproof is to get the user to understand the product as easily as possible. This is not an apparel company, it's F&B combined with biohacking. The copy plays a very important role in education. As a result, we start the UX process with the minimum visual effort so that the team can focus on the information architecture and the storytelling aspect of the product.   


Bulletproof Above Below.jpg

One of the stakeholders was the GM of Amazon prior to Bulletproof. She gave us many insights on why the Amazon Product Page is structured today and it is crucial to pick up what's working today as a universal experience from an industry standpoint instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. 


One of the things we did was to carefully define what lies above the fold and below the fold. Especially on Product Detail Pages.

Bulletproof PDP Above Below.jpg


One of the principles of Bulletproof was to always put customers first. This influence the way we approach our problem-solving. We put prototypes in front of the customers as soon as possible and pick up patterns from user behavior and guide our iterations. 

Sporty Girls

"Solve Problems By Understanding The Customer,

Not By Ego."


Bulletproof Diversity.jpg



OLD: The research shows that 60% of customers are women and the customers find the existing design masculine and appealing to men. The overuse of visual elements such as the diagonal, hex shapes combine with large bulky font type makes the site feel masculine and less appealing to women.

NEW: Visual elements are less prioritized,  they are simplified and let the packaging and the story become king. A neutral design doesn't have to be boring if the graphics assets are engaging enough. I worked closely with the creative team to give them guidelines, sharing best practices and developed a mood board which later became the style that Bulletproof is using today.


  • With the mobile first design and a design process thats put customer at the center, we managed to increase more than 30% in conversion rate.

  • Mobile is taking the lead with 60% of all visitors.

  • The customer perceives the site as a trustworthy, premium brand.

  • The aesthetics feel diverse and appeal to both man and woman.

Highlights from Performance Review

  • I appreciate that Vinh stays ahead of the design curve, looking at e-commerce and across industries and bringing the tools and artifacts to Bulletproof. Balancing innovation and industry standard is a challenge I would give Vinh - and doing more discovery on the standards is something we can incorporate into the future design. In terms of experimentation, Vinh can look to incorporate tests vs. decisions into the feedback - by this, I mean that when presenting designs or receiving feedback, he should suggest or invite experimentation, but also be firm on what is a decision that needs to be made.

  • Vinh looks to understand the customers' needs through stakeholder interaction and usability testing his designs. Both are great tools for creating a customer-focused solution and Vinh also bringing in a strong and flexible usability tester, has been great.

  • I trust Vinh. He's is an open and honest communicator, and we have seen that - while it can sometimes be difficult to hear the critique of design he takes on board opinion and tries to get his idea closer to the feedback. I continue to encourage and foster that, particularly as he works with Brand and the brand aesthetic might not be completely in line with his own. His intentions are positive and he invites and takes candor well.

  • Vinh demonstrates technical knowledge above expectations. He applies his skills in design and branding to his work. He is learning to differentiate content by channel. The design team look to him to learn new skills and tools.


Reviewed by Kiran Gowda - VP of E-commerce